Welcome to Life’s a Beach Vietnam

When Gavin & Steve took 6 months out from their work in England, they could never have dreamed of the lives they now live. In September 2013, they stumbled upon the fishing village of Bai Xep and fell in love with what would become their new home. Almost by accident they became owners of a beach front guest house. They started to build their new life in July 2014 and on November 7th 2014 they welcomed the first travellers into their home to help fund their new life – and Life’s a Beach was born.

Word spread fast and the number of people coming to share the dream grew rapidly – as did Life’s a Beach. The Life’s a Beach Family is now made up of over 30 people and offers accommodation from Camping to Luxury Apartments, with 2 bars, 2 Restaurants and all the services you could need to ensure that you have a great stay. Life’s a Beach has seen many changes and we’re sure that there will be many more but our values will never change. We still aim for every guest to have an unbeatably unique experience and we still find time to share that experience with them.

Meet The Family


Xin chao! Welcome to Vietnam and our little piece of paradise. After twenty years of running the rat race in the UK I left to travel South East Asia and settled in the tiny village of Bai Xep in 2015. I look forward to welcoming you to our home.


Hi I’m Gav.
When I’m Not traveling you can find me propping up the bar… or dancing on it. I’m a dreamer and this is my dream, I hope you enjoy being part of it.


Dam Like Damn! But without the n.I love freedom and strange things and thats why the beach is perfect for me. Dont worry if you think you can hear an animal in pain, thats just my singing. Please dont be put off by my face, i have a great personality and a warm heart.

Mr Bao

Hi – I’m Bao – I studied English at University and used to work at the local cinema – CGV. I now work at Life’s a Beach to spend time with fun people in the sun!


My names also Nhu I am from Danang city. I fell in love with the beutiful beach and the friendly people and was so excited to be offered the chance to live here. I cant wait to welcome customers to the beach especially the good looking ones.

Phong (I'm the Good Looking one)

My name’s Phong) i’m from the fishing village of Bai Xep. I love everything about the beach it is part of my Life and now i get to work at The Beach. Im a fun guy who loves swimming, talking and making other people laugh. You can usually find me being silly behind the bar, i cant speak much English yet but my mimes are great. Ask to see my pole dancing – i practice a lot. I hope you will love The Beach.


Hello everybody my names Phong im a happy go lucky guy. I am from the fishing village of Bai Xep. I always want to make everyone happy. I like catching frogs and crabs, practicing English and showing off my card tricks. Hope to see you soon – you can count on me!


My Names Phung. Im the cute one. I used to be a fisherman until i joined Life’s a beach. I like travelling showing off my amazing dance moves, listening to sad vietnamese love songs and challenging people to a pool game.


Hello – I’m Hoang. I live in the village. I work here. I like this job. I can speak English a little and I want to come here working and speak English with the customers and learn cultures. I’m a person always happy and humorous. I like new things.


Hi My names Mi, I helped create Lifes a beach together with Gavin and Steve. I live on site with my husband Mr Tinh who is always fixing stuff and my two very small daughters Susu and Suka and together with Gavin and Steve we make up the Life’s a beach family. I love cooking and creating new dishes like my infamous grape cake, and i now run the restaurant at the beach where i spend my days making sure every dish is special. If you ever see me on my phone or computer it is because i am very important and have a lot of paperwork i am absaloutly not using facebook. I look forward to welcoming you to our home.


I live in a small fishing village near by with my wife and 3 small children. I love inviting people to my house to see my prize winning cock. I take care of the Beach and make sure that everything works.

Ms Thuy

This is Ms Thuy – she works at Life’s a Beach cleaning the rooms and cooking lunch. She is married to Mr Khiem and has 3 children. Her smile can light up the room!

Ms Thuyet

Ms Thuyet is the local Banh Mi lady from the village. After breakfast she comes to Life’s a Beach to help clean the rooms and cook lunches. She always has a lot to say!


Hi my names The i am from the fishing village of Bai Xep, where i live with my husband Mr Cuong who helped build the beach and my two sons who you will often find playing pool or getting Into trouble here. I take great pride in making sure that the Beach and all our rooms always look sparkling clean.

Mr Hung

Mr Hung is married to Ms Nhung – he lives in the village and works as our caretaker and handyman. He loves to sing Jingle Bells all throughout the year!

Ms Nhung

Ms Nhung is a very important lady in the village – she works for us as our head cook and housekeeper – she has a loud voice!

Ms Lanh

Ms Lanh is our neighbour who works in the kitchen and helps to keep the rooms clean – she helped build Life’s a Beach and then stayed here to keep it standing!!

Ms Tinh

Ms Tinh does lots for us – she brings in the fresh fruit and veg in the morning – she helps to keep the village streets clean for all our arriving guests and then helps in the kitchen and the rooms at the weekend!