Boat trip

Enjoy a ride on a local fishing boat with breathtaking views. Relax with a beer, try some snorkeling, hunt for shellfish to grill, spot the wild monkeys and enjoy some games.

Discover your own secret waterfall

When the summer is coming to an end the waterfalls come to life. Our home is surounded by lush hills and mountains. Whether you want to walk to the nearest falls where you will find a locally run restaurant or get off the beaten track and discover your very own private waterfall the area around is overflowing with hidden waterfalls just waiting for you to discover.

Bar activities

Bar activities Our bar is big enough to offer a relaxing atmosphere with breath-taking views while still having enough room for those that want something a bit more lively. Most weeks are packed with quizzes, challenges, games, theme nights and music. With everything you need to have the best stay ever and make some unforgettable memories and new friends. Guaranteeing you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated…. or hanging like a squirrels nuts - the choice is yours!

Adventure tour

The breathtaking coast offers many opportunities to discover local life, explore fishing villages, marvel at the natural wonders or tick off some of the famous attractions like the Giant Buddha or the ancient Cham Towers. Our tours give you a glimpse of a Vietnam you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Whether you join our weekly free tours, hire a bike and check out some of our local recommendations at your own pace or you prefer a private tailored tour with one of our trusted friends there’s an adventure waiting for you.

Cooking class

Our cooking classes are a great opportunity to learn about Vietnamese cuisine as we prepare pumpkin parcels or summer rolls together using authentic ingredients and time-honored techniques. Like most of our activities its mainly about making some new friends and discovering the real Vietnam rather than creating master chefs.

Coconut leaf Origami

Join our coconut leaf origami masterclass. Spend time to learn the traditional art practiced by Vietnamese children for generations. Help trim the trees and then use the leaves to make swallows, watches, grasshoppers and other fun shapes. Like most of our activities it's not going to make you proffesional origami master but it will give you the chance to make new friends, learn a real traditional art and get to know our family a little better.