Well – we opened a little later than expected but then because we suddenly had a bunch of potential guests we decided to bite the bullet and take them. We filled up quickly thanks to the Stray travel company who were supposed to be lodging next door at Haven. They  weren’t ready so we took them in and put them into our dorm. We were already rushing around trying to entertain them when a big group of Germans and Russians also came in for drinks. The following night some more Germans also turned up for dinner unannounced but we managed to accommodate them – full house for dinner – about 28 in total! Our cooks Ms Nhung and Ms Lanh coped admirably and smiled and laughed through all the madness – we’re so lucky to have them. So far we have had guests every night – most have found us either through Tripadvisor or word of mouth which the few guests we have had so far have done a good job! We have five 5star reviews on Tripadvisor – and we didn’t even have to bribe them!! We did expect to be really quiet for the first few months but so far so good.

Another exciting thing that has happened is that we had a music video shot here – we even had a short cameo! – check it out below:


We’ve only had a few guests for the last few days so we’ve had a chance to catch our breath and start to enjoy our new home.

We have a good feeling that this is the start of something awesome!