What’s Happening

Life’s a Beach Party

What an amazing night! Very messy – we were joined by local neighbours from the Village as well as some guests from Haven and Avani and a bus load of travellers from Stray Asia. We’d been testing the new DJ decks, and the new Tequila all day and by the time the...

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First Village Tour

After breakfast today, Hien led his first tour through the village of Bai Xep. Accompanied by guests Patrick and Toby – and me who tagged along for good measure – we set out at about 9am. A few steps up the road we encountered squid traps where Hien proceeded to...

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Update after a few weeks

Well – we opened a little later than expected but then because we suddenly had a bunch of potential guests we decided to bite the bullet and take them. We filled up quickly thanks to the Stray travel company who were supposed to be lodging next door at Haven. They...

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Life’s a Beach Grand Opening

The countdown begins . . . On 31st October we open the gates to our first guests. Got some amazing surprises planned for the first weekend . . .

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